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Every year, the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that about one in four adults in America experiences a mental health issue that stands in the way of happiness. Our critically-acclaimed and award-winning television series, This Emotional Life, explores why. Drawing upon cutting-edge insights from brain and behavioral experts, we tell the stories of everyday people on their paths to mental and emotional wellness. This exploration continues here on this site. While the series is available on YouTube, learning more about your emotional wellness and how to improve your life’s relationships is an ongoing process.

Your Mental Health Matters

Just like everybody has physical health, people also have mental health. If you ignore your mental health, your life will inevitably suffer. Because your mental wellness is just as important — and perhaps even more so — as your physical well-being.

Read our blogs and articles for the latest information. Watch our scenes and outtakes, which share open and personal stories from the famous and the not-so-famous. And join our community conversations on Facebook and Twitter to share your own story and keep tabs on the latest buzz on emotional wellness.

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