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Altruism and the positive emotions that go with it---kindness, compassion, gratitude, appriciation---are strongly linked to closer relationships and a better sense of community.

Improving these social connections is one of the most important things we can do to increase our happiness. Kindness and generosity are ways to reach out to others and promote greater well-being for ourselves and our communities.

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Honoring Service with Service

In recent years, a number of us have gotten together to observe Veterans Day in a new but very appropriate way: We’ve honored service with service.

How to Truly “Support our Troops” and Our Nation: Part II

Yes, there are challenges that come with being a military family.  They range from small


Married to the Military: How to Truly “Support our Troops” and Our Nation

Our family is in the process of reintegration after a year-long deployment.  Though my


Some people say I am weird, but I am just different!

People don’t really understand me sometimes when I say I am a Visual Thinker.

Happiness exercise: How to make people love you

People Will Like You: Active Listening

If you’re read psychology books, you’ve likely heard of the term “active listening.”  And it probably means something along these lines to you:

Mary: “I had a really good day at the office today.  It seemed that everything was going right.  I even got complimented by my boss.”
Nancy (active listening, echoing back what she just heard): “It sounds like you had a really good day at the office, and that you’re enjoying remembering it.”

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