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People who are depressed can't just "snap out of it." Depression is illness that at least 17 million Americans experience each year.

There are many factors that contribute to depression, including genes, family history, and brain chemistry. Researchers continue to explore its precise causes, and they are finding mounting evidence that certain changes in the brain may enter into the complex mix of what causes depression. What is conclusively known is that depression is not a moral or emotional failing. It is a treatable illness.

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Balancing Support and Boundaries: Navigating Mental Health Challenges in Friendship

In today’s episode, Gabe and Michelle discuss the challenges Michelle faces with her friend who exhibits erratic and aggressive behavior, likely due to untreated…

Podcast: Good vs Bad Vulnerability and What’s The Difference?

Today Gabe and Michelle continue openly discussing living with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, respectively, aiming to reduce stigma around mental…

Podcast: Navigating Gifts, Criticism, and Friendship While Managing Mental Illness

Today, Gabe and Michelle share their insecurities and lament that they do not feel more successful. They discuss navigating their…

Podcast: Can Schizophrenics and Bipolars be Good Pet Owners?

In today’s episode, Gabe and Michelle talk about the positive impact their dogs, Peppy and Paisley, have on their mental…

Podcast: Passively Suicidal: Are You Still in Recovery?

Today, Gabe and Michelle explore the nuances of navigating passive suicidal ideation within the context of long-term mental illness recovery. They highlight that occasional…

Podcast: Women v Men: Who Has More Stigma From Mental Illness?

Today's discussion explores the challenges men and women face in managing mental illness, examining societal expectations, medication, and support systems.…

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