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People have long known that humor is powerful and have made claims for laughter as a cure-all.

Research has shown that, while there is little evidence that it cures disease, there is plenty of evidence that it dispels negative emotions, increases well-being, enhances interpersonal relationships, and reduces pain. Humor does indeed seem to be one of the most powerful positive emotions.

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Podcast: Good vs Bad Vulnerability and What’s The Difference?

Today Gabe and Michelle continue openly discussing living with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, respectively, aiming to reduce stigma around mental…

Podcast: Navigating Gifts, Criticism, and Friendship While Managing Mental Illness

Today, Gabe and Michelle share their insecurities and lament that they do not feel more successful. They discuss navigating their…

Podcast: Can Schizophrenics and Bipolars be Good Pet Owners?

In today’s episode, Gabe and Michelle talk about the positive impact their dogs, Peppy and Paisley, have on their mental…

Podcast: Passively Suicidal: Are You Still in Recovery?

Today, Gabe and Michelle explore the nuances of navigating passive suicidal ideation within the context of long-term mental illness recovery. They highlight that occasional…

Podcast: Women v Men: Who Has More Stigma From Mental Illness?

Today's discussion explores the challenges men and women face in managing mental illness, examining societal expectations, medication, and support systems.…

Podcast: Challenging the Stupidity Stereotype in Mental Illness

Can people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia be intelligent, or are they dumb? Tune in as Gabe and Michelle navigate…

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