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Early Attachments to caregivers are the building blocks for a child social relationships and emotional well beings.

From their first days, babies naturally look to their parents or caregivers to respond to them in consistent, sensitive, and loving ways. When babies and children find their caregivers to be responsive, they form secure attachments to them. Secure attachments help give children the confidence to explore their world, learn, and grow. While the early years of infancy are important, attachments can be formed and improved throughout childhood and the teen years.

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Mindful Parenting Nurtures Healthy Attachment

Children who feel connected to their primary caretakers do better in their lives.


How Early Experiences Impact Your Emotional and Physical Health as an Adult

In many people’s lives or careers there is one event that stops them in their tracks, forever changing their view of a critical issue. 

Connecting with Baby Before Birth

Ubiquitous prenatal gadgets tempt pregnant women at every turn as the market is saturated with ever-changing options for mommy, daddy, and baby. 

Attachment, Parenting and Childhood Mental Illnesses

Mother’s Day celebrations bring to mind the centrality of attachment as an important topic for anyone studying human emotion.


Parenting Begins Long Before Baby Arrives

In our wildest fantasies we rarely imagine feeling anything other than pure unadulterated joy upon meeting our babies for the first time.



The First Connection

Your browser does not support the video tag. Dr. Lane Strathearn describes the enduring nature of the mother-child bond and how that sets...

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