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Jessica Zucker, Ph.D.


Dr. Jessica Zucker is a clinical psychologist and writer practicing in Los Angeles. She has been deeply impacted by her worldwide travels and extensive education revolving around women’s health and development. Earning a master’s degree at New York University in public health with a focus on international reproductive issues led to her working for the Harvard School of Public Health. After years of international public health work, Dr. Zucker pursued a master’s degree in psychology and human development at Harvard University with the aim of shifting her work from a global perspective to a more interpersonal focus. Dr. Zucker’s research about various aspects of female identity development came to fruition in her award-winning dissertation while completing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She is currently writing her first book about mother-daughter relationships and issues surrounding the body (Routledge). Dr. Zucker consults on multiple projects centered around maternal health and the motherhood continuum.

Awards and Credentials

  1. Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY#24465
  2. Ph.D., California Graduate Institute of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  3. M.A., Harvard University, Psychology and Human Development
  4. M.P.H., New York University, International Public Health
  5. Josephine Bernstein Award for Best Qualitative and Quantitative Dissertation; National Dissertation Award, American Psychological Association, Division of Psychoanalysis, Section on Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis.

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