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Early Attachments to caregivers are the building blocks for a child social relationships and emotional well beings.

From their first days, babies naturally look to their parents or caregivers to respond to them in consistent, sensitive, and loving ways. When babies and children find their caregivers to be responsive, they form secure attachments to them. Secure attachments help give children the confidence to explore their world, learn, and grow. While the early years of infancy are important, attachments can be formed and improved throughout childhood and the teen years.

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Connecting with Your Kids at Any Age

Attachment research tends to focus on birth-18 months, but you can bond with your kids at any age.

The Top 10 List For Creating Healthy Kids

You and your partner are the ultimate example to your child of how two adults connect/communicate/bond.


Take Five

Transition to parenthood is hard; most couples experience a drop in marital satisfaction after the birth of their baby.


Saluting Military Moms

Our military moms deserve special recognition for the unique sacrifices they make.

Attachment and the Development of Resilience

It seems we are built by design to thrive in attuned and responsive relationships. Love nourishes and buffers our hearts.

Anxious Attachment: From Heaven to Hell and Back Again

It is through your relationship with your child that you will be faced with your attachment story.



The First Connection

Your browser does not support the video tag. Dr. Lane Strathearn describes the enduring nature of the mother-child bond and how that sets...

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