Life Time, Not Gym Time

Eight months into recovery and you find yourself, in so many ways, so much farther ahead than ever before.

Accepting Things I Cannot Change & Channeling Temporary Defeat

Life, reality, recovery and other seemingly “no-brainers” more often than not find a way to stop our progress.

Sporting Recovery: The Caretaker Mentality

You were  … “ I hate that word, were. Whenever I hear the phrase, 'you were...,'

Addicted to Living

"You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need."

Body Mass Confusion

On the heels of fashion week comes National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, February 21-27.. That certainly sounds like a contradiction, one week beautiful fashions hung, in most cases, on extremely beautiful but overly thin women and teens.

My Birthday Present: “25 Years to Life”

Picture it, Williston, ND, 1986. A healthy, nearly nine and a half pound baby boy was introduced to the world.

Cynthia Bulik Ph.D.

Dr. Bulik, a clinical psychologist, received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. She is the Director of the University of North Carolina Eating Disorders Program. She is also a Professor of Nutrition in the Gillings School of Public Health, and the William and Jeanne Jordan Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Bulik’s research includes treatment, laboratory, epidemiological, twin, and molecular genetic studies of eating disorders and...

An Open Book: Letting Recovery Become Reality

"We've got to approach that problem or boulder in our lives, acknowledge its existence and realize it's not worth trying to carry it in moving forward. We need to find the tools life offers us, utilize their purpose, and break through."

Allison Kreiger Walsh

Allison Kreiger Walsh is a motivational speaker, freelance writer, public relations professional and a non-profit activist. She is a 2006 cum laude graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Public Relations and is currently pursuing her Juris Doctorate at Florida A&M University's College of Law. Allison is the President/Founder of H.O.P.E. – Helping Other People Eat, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the prevention and awareness of eating disorders. In addition to serving as the inaugural Chairwoman of the National...

Imperfection? Yes, please!

For lack of a better phrase, “It’s okay not to be okay.”

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