Podcast: Packing for a Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Stay

"Isn't a pool cue like extremely dangerous in the psych ward? Like, you can't have any hooks on the walls. But here's a pool cue?" ~Michelle Hammer Being in the psychiatric ward is not the ideal way to spend a night, weekend, or longer. However, sometimes we find ourselves there. What should you pack? What should you ask your friends and family to bring? What is generally allowed versus never allowed? Learn all this -- and more -- on the season three premier of A Bipolar, A...

Howard Stern Goes to This Old-Fashioned Psychotherapy, Throws Shade on Other...

Howard Stern, the well-known radio-show host, is a huge proponent of psychotherapy. But whenever the topic comes up during an interview, he makes is more clear that he is a bit of a therapy snob. There is only one type of therapy that he considers worthwhile. Modern psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is typically provided by a psychotherapist who is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and other modern, research-backed therapeutic techniques. Therapists come in all shapes and forms, must be licensed in their state, and can have...

Podcast: Navigating Gifts, Criticism, and Friendship While Managing Mental Illness

Today, Gabe and Michelle share their insecurities and lament that they do not feel more successful. They discuss navigating their challenges, the importance of support, and working to help others through their platform despite personal struggles. Encouraging each other and their audience, they emphasize self-acceptance, perseverance, and the significance of striving for improvement in mental health advocacy. Join us as Michelle and Gabe share some of the things that inspire them. About the Hosts of A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, and a Podcast Gabe Howard is...

The Growth & Impact of Online Mental Health in 1998

This article was originally published online on September 2, 1998. Prepared for the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health and recorded here for posterity's sake. As director of one of the top three World Wide Web sites devoted to mental health issues and a pioneer in the field of online mental health, it is an honor to write about how the Internet has vastly helped people learn and find support on issues relating to mental health. I am indebted to Sylvia Caras, of the...

Podcast: Handling Money with Mental Illness

So it's like spend your money, have less money, get on Medicare or have more money, have no health insurance. . . It doesn't make any sense. You're stuck in an endless cycle. ~MIchelle Hammer Bipolar and schizophrenia can make handling finances challenging -- to say the least. Even famous pop stars like Britney Spears have had well documented issues managing money. In this episode, our hosts discuss some common issues, ponder some solutions, and vent about the obstacles people living with mental illness face while trying...

President of the American Association of Suicidology: Letter of Resignation

August 30, 2021 Dear Members of the AAS Board and suicidology community, I am writing to inform you about my decision to leave my position as President of the Board of the American Association of Suicidology effective immediately. Serving the suicidology community as an executive committee member of the AAS Board for the past four years has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my professional life. Since 2017, I have volunteered an average of 5 – 10 hours per week to AAS, many...

Podcast: Women v Men: Who Has More Stigma From Mental Illness?

Today's discussion explores the challenges men and women face in managing mental illness, examining societal expectations, medication, and support systems. What disparities exist? What similarities emerge? Who triumphs in the battle of the sexes? Michelle and Gabe also delve into the question of whether it truly matters who suffers more (spoiler alert: it doesn't) and why society perpetuates a competition of suffering. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation rooted in the timeless debate of men versus women. Listen Now! About the Hosts of A Bipolar,...

Online Support Communities: Quality is About People, Not Posts

The popularity of online communities has never been stronger, with the growth of new groups (such as YouTube) skyrocketing past those of old. But sometimes people and companies confuse what makes a popular community, well, popular. They mistakenly point to traffic numbers, confusing quantity of people (or unique visitors) over why the people are coming in the first place – for other people. As online communities continue to grow with virtually everyone who is online belonging to at least one such community, communities start...

The Fantastical World of Damian Jacob Markiewicz Sendler

Meet Damian Jacob Markiewicz Sendler aka Dr. Damian Jacob Sendler aka Damian Dariusz Markiewicz. According to him, he’s “an award-winning Polish-American clinician sexologist, the scholar of forensic and legal medicine, the scientist trained in digital epidemiology, and the media health expert personality.” He’s been quoted by more than a dozen online publications internationally about his unique research examining human sexual behavior. However, according to Gizmodo journalist Jennings Brown, much of his professional résumé and background is a lie. Is Brown right or is Sendler a bona...

Conspiracy Theory Disorder: Understanding Why People Believe

Whenever something new happens — whether it’s a pandemic that grips the world, a rise in a disorder’s diagnosis, or a new technology being rolled out — people have theories. Specifically, conspiracy theories. More often than not, such theories are based upon specious links between one or more unrelated events. Rarely do conspiracy theories have any scientific backing. And when they do, it’s often a lone article or white paper published online. Or maybe just a YouTuber who “was told by my friend who works...

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