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Happiness is deceptively simple. It’s about being satisfied with life and experiencing more positive emotions than negative ones.

Still, many of us find the pursuit of happiness to be frustratingly difficult. A relatively new branch of psychology called positive psychology is studying what makes people happy—and what doesn’t. Researchers are learning that the keys to happiness are within everyone’s reach.

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Grinch Prevention: Self-care during the holidays

There is so much pressure this time of year. You are supposed to buy presents, be cheerful and look forward to family gatherings.


Positive Emotions: Do They Have a Role in the Grieving Process?

Research on grief has focused primarily on negative emotions, such as depression, anger, anxiety, and guilt.  But what about positive emotions, such as gratitude, pride, hope, and love?

Balancing Work and Family

Being a mom feels like I’m riding a see-saw sometimes.

Happiness Exercise: Writing

The Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston was full of intriguing items, from a blue metal sculpture symbolizing bird flight to the bridge build with no nails to images of Leonardo’s many journals.

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

It turns out that whoever said money can’t buy you happiness was wrong.


Happiness Exercise: How to Take Incremental Steps

The site trains you to do 100 push-ups at one time, and it trains you to do so in six weeks.


Quit wasting your time

 Your browser does not support the video tag. Comedian Joan Rivers claims we've got too much time on our hands to think about...

Moments of absolute absorption

 Your browser does not support the video tag. Writer Adam Gopnik finds happiness in being "vigilantly absorbed in some activity.

That juicy state of happiness

 Your browser does not support the video tag. For Alanis Morissette, happiness is a temporary but "juicy" state.

Happiness? What happiness?

 Your browser does not support the video tag. For actor John Leguizamo, happiness is finding enjoyment in life's struggles.

Porcupine Love

 Your browser does not support the video tag. Elizabeth Gilbert on relationships

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