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People who are depressed can't just "snap out of it." Depression is illness that at least 17 million Americans experience each year.

There are many factors that contribute to depression, including genes, family history, and brain chemistry. Researchers continue to explore its precise causes, and they are finding mounting evidence that certain changes in the brain may enter into the complex mix of what causes depression. What is conclusively known is that depression is not a moral or emotional failing. It is a treatable illness.

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Do You Have Depression? 5 Symptoms Provide the Answer

You’ve probably heard of depression if you’ve listened to a radio or watched a TV in the past 25 years.


Accessing faith through treating depression

“I don’t believe in medication, I have faith and just need to be more connected to God.”


What’s the difference between depression and manic depression?

Sometimes people are confused about the differences between clinical depression and manic depression.

Mental Ophthalmology

This post is one extended metaphor and may illicit a strong “yes I get it, move on” reaction. Proceed with caution.

Telephone therapy benefits depression

Imagine a treatment that was so powerful and useful, it could even be delivered by the telephone.

Am I depressed or just deep?

Yes. I admit it. I am a recovering angry youth.

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