Behavioral Health Services North

BHSN has 25 programs and 14 sites across Clinton, Essex, and Franklin NY counties. We provide a wide range of services for children, adults, families, and

The Fetzer Institute – The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness

The Campaign for Love & Forgiveness, a project of the Fetzer Institute, is a community engagement initiative that encourages people to bring love and...

The Fetzer Institute

The Fetzer Institute advances love and forgiveness as powerful forces that can transform the human condition. The Institute engages with people and programs...

Resentment Part 2

In last week’s post “The toxic (and intoxicating) effects of resentment” I introduced the idea that resentments can be difficult to let go of because they not only have negative effects but also they can serve the purpose of feeling powerful.

The toxic (and intoxicating) effects of resentment

Colombia is a country with frequent kidnappings, often with tragic results.

Forgive for Good

Dr. Frederic Luskin, director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, offers Nine Steps to

The Forgiveness Project

The Forgiveness Project works on an international level to help build a future free of

Robert Enright Ph.D.

Dr. Enright, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, is a licensed psychologist and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of...

Fred Luskin, Ph.D.

Dr. Luskin is Director of Forgiveness Projects and a Senior Consultant of Health Promotion at Stanford University. He conducts research on the effects of...