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We use creativity--the capacity to generate new ideas and solve problems--every day in our work and hobbies.

Most of us from time to time experience a state of flow—being completely absorbed in what we’re doing. Researchers are finding that in addition to contributing to our work satisfaction, creativity and flow are connected to positive emotions and our overall happiness.

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Treat Yourself With Compassion — 10 Tips

Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move ahead. It is a loop — an obsessive, debilitating closed system.


Are You Spiritual or Psychotic?

In his bestselling book, “Strong at the Broken Places,” Richard Cohen profiles, among five persons living with chronic illness, mental health advocate Larry Fricks.


This Emotional Life: The Visual Series

PBS released a documentary called “This Emotional Life” and I saw it and went to pieces.


A “Little Thing” (Very Little) That Makes Me Happy: the Gift Bag

Samuel Johnson wrote, “It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery, and as much happiness as possible,” and I’m often struck by how much happiness I get from small, seemingly trivial aspects of my life.


Happiness Exercise: Writing

The Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston was full of intriguing items, from a blue metal sculpture symbolizing bird flight to the bridge build with no nails to images of Leonardo’s many journals.

How to be the best athlete, singer, entrepreneur, mom, etc.

So you know you’re pretty good at something, but you want to get better.


Moments of absolute absorption

 Your browser does not support the video tag. Writer Adam Gopnik finds happiness in being "vigilantly absorbed in some activity.

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