Jessica Zucker, Ph.D.

Dr. Jessica Zucker is a clinical psychologist and writer practicing in Los Angeles. She has been deeply impacted by her worldwide travels and extensive education revolving around women’s health and development. Earning a master’s degree at New York University in public health with a focus on international reproductive issues led to her working for the Harvard School of Public Health. After years of international public health work, Dr. Zucker pursued a master’s degree in psychology and human development at Harvard University with the aim...

Pornography and Attachment

Here is a glimpse into my dissertation research, which explores the vicissitudes of the mother-daughter attachment relationship through the lens of women who work in the sex industry.

Relational Strivings

Although each participant narrated her own unique developmental unfolding, many of the women interviewed explained feeling that there was “never enough” love to be consumed,...

Connecting with Baby Before Birth

Ubiquitous prenatal gadgets tempt pregnant women at every turn as the market is saturated with ever-changing options for mommy, daddy, and baby. 

If I Had Bad Parents, Will I Be a Bad Parent...

If you weren’t parented well, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a good parent.

Balancing Work and Family

Being a mom feels like I’m riding a see-saw sometimes.

Be the Change: Nurturing the Capacity for Compassion

Whether we feel love, affection, empathy or compassion for others is determined by childhood experiences

Our Fear of Health Care Reform and the Household Vacuum

The debate must rage on as we as a nation seek the best way to provide care to our sick and injured

Parenting Begins Long Before Baby Arrives

In our wildest fantasies we rarely imagine feeling anything other than pure unadulterated joy upon meeting our babies for the first time.

Janie Lacy

Janie Lacy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor who specializes in relationship difficulties, sex addiction, and anger management. Her greatest passion is helping others heal from those deep hurts that have caused shame, fear, and doubts and to help patients change behaviors that have been damaging and destructive in their lives. She takes a relational approach, utilizing therapeutic treatments that address the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual. Janie received extensive training through at Palm Beach Atlantic...

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