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Footage on the Web site was originally produced for This Emotional Life, a co-production of the NOVA/WGBH Science Unit and Vulcan Productions, Inc. A Film by Kunhardt McGee Productions.

Vulcan Productions:


Paul G. Allen
Jody Allen Patton

Senior Executive Producer
Richard Hutton

Supervising Producer
Bonnie Benjamin- Phariss

Line Producer
Hilary Sparrow

Production Assistance
Miriam Larkin
Joanna Gallagher

Legal Services
Davina Inslee

Business Affairs Consultant
B.J. Miller

Design Director
Erik Davidson


Project Management
Bridget McDonough

Account Management
AnnMari Shannahan
David Lipkin

Content & Editorial

Chris Vail, Director
Mary Robertson, Video
Naftali Beane Rutter, Video
Vinita Mehta, Research
Linda Raskin Copyediting
Ellie Ratcliff, Production Assistance

Milena Sadee, Director
Tomas Celizna, Designer
Rusty Munro, Designer

User Experience
Kaushik Panchal, Director
Shagun Singh, UX Designer

Kevin Rogers, Sr. Architect
Will Tran, Developer
Jon Pugh, Developer

Cause & Affect:

Executive Producer
Meredith Blake

Associate Producers
Ted Richane
Shanna Rosen Belott

Production Assistance
Kim Johnson
Caitlin Krapf

Relationship Research Institute:

Kaeleen Drummey
Dan Friend
Carolyn Pirak
Dan Yoshimoto
Emily Nackley

Cynthia Scheiderer

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Media Contact

Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss
Vulcan Productions
(206) 342-2197

Hilary Sparrow
Vulcan Productions
(206) 342-2579

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