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The teen years are a critical developmental phase as children become adults.

During adolescence, preteens and teens going through puberty become increasingly conscious of their body image. They develop their sexual, gender, and ethnic identities. Peer relationships become increasingly important. School responsibilities increase and some teens get a job. Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. The teen years have unique stresses and pressures. Teens may not always let on—but parents and other caring adults play a vital role in providing support and helping teens achieve their best on their way to adulthood.

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Finding Services and Programs

Programs and services for struggling teens can be found in many ways.


Parenting a Struggling Teen: Thinking Beyond the Crisis

Understandably, parents of struggling teens often are preoccupied with immediate crises.


Parenting a Struggling Teen: The Importance of Self-Care

Parents of struggling teens need to take care of themselves.


Parenting a Struggling Teen: Learning How to Cope with Shame and Isolation

Parents of struggling teens know the unparalleled pain associated with unwelcome news that their child is in some kind of trouble.


What can you do to lower your kids’ future therapy bills?

“You’re right, I’m the worst mom ever, this will give you another thing to tell your future therapist,” you say to your daughter. While kidding – at least halfway – the modern parent is beginning to see therapy in their child’s future as inevitable, a necessary part of being a mentally healthy adult.

Parenting a Struggling Teen: Accepting Painful Truths

Most people enter parenthood with dreams about having deeply satisfying, rewarding relationships with their children as they grow and develop successfully.


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