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The teen years are a critical developmental phase as children become adults.

During adolescence, preteens and teens going through puberty become increasingly conscious of their body image. They develop their sexual, gender, and ethnic identities. Peer relationships become increasingly important. School responsibilities increase and some teens get a job. Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. The teen years have unique stresses and pressures. Teens may not always let on—but parents and other caring adults play a vital role in providing support and helping teens achieve their best on their way to adulthood.

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Abuses in Programs for Struggling Teens: The Legacy of Scandal

Most programs and schools for struggling teens are run professionally and are reputable.


Embracing a Strengths Perspective

Since the advent of efforts in the 1800s to intervene with struggling teens and their families, we have learned a great deal about what to do—and what not to do—to be helpful.


The Effectiveness of Programs for Struggling Teens

The most reputable programs and schools for struggling teens are those that base their services on research that has been published in peer-reviewed professional journals.


Common Mental Health and Behavioral Challenges

Many teens struggle with mental health and behavioral issues.


Programs for Struggling Teens: Day Treatment Programs

Day treatment programs provide teens with nonresidential services to help them address their mental health and substance abuse issues.


Programs for Struggling Teens: Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs provide struggling adolescents with trained, caring adults who provide teens with support, guidance, advice, and friendship.


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