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Dr. Marjorie Rand, LMPF, PhD.

Dr. Marjorie Rand is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist in three states and has been practicing psychotherapy for 35 years. She has also taught graduate level psychology and trained professional psychotherapists in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel. Dr. Rand specializes in marriage counseling, developmental psychology, pre and perinatal psychology (pregnancy, birth and bonding) and family therapy. Dr. Rand is the author of three books, many published articles, and is a founding member of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy. She is also a diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association.

As well as being a family therapist, she is the mother of two, the stepmother of four, and the grandmother of four children (spanning ages 12 to 48). This has given her unique experience in working with issues of parenting, blended families, step parenting, family dynamics and relationships, be it between parents and children or spouses.

She believes her clients have the answers they need inside of them, and she gently guides them to a greater connection to their own inner knowing. With that internal connection to their sense of self, they can deal with their everyday problems of living. In these stressful and anxiety producing times, it is essential that we all learn to self regulate our nervous systems through mindfulness meditation and breathwork in order to function in a healthy way and strengthen our immune systems.

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