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People with autism spectrum disorder(ASD), including Asperger's syndrome, experience developments delays in communication, social skills, and behaviour.

The causes of autism are not well understood yet, and there is no cure for autism. However, effective therapies are available. Early intervention helps children with an autism spectrum disorder develop to their full potential. Education policy ensures that children with autism have access to educational opportunities. And there are communities and sources of support for parents and caregivers. Teens and adults with Asperger’s syndrome can also find support from others living “on the spectrum.”

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Some people say I am weird, but I am just different!

People don’t really understand me sometimes when I say I am a Visual Thinker.  When I saw the movie “Temple Grandin” on Saturday night, I realized how very similar I am to Temple.  I think in pictures also!  Different is not easy because other people either take advantage of different or push different around.  Different is actually better than the norm, better than the Neurotypical in some respects.  When people like myself are different from the typical, our achievements feel greater than a typical person because we had to take the extra mile of struggle than the


Geraldine Dawson Ph.D.

Geraldine Dawson became Autism Speaks' first chief science officer in January of 2008. Dawson serves as the scientific leader of Autism Speaks, working with...


Jason is a twenty-nine year old man with Asperger’s Syndrome from Rockland County, NY. Asperger’s Syndrome is part of the Autism Spectrum of Disorders...

Geraldine Dawson Ph.D.

Dr. Dawson earned a Ph.D. in developmental and child clinical psychology from University of Washington and was a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. In 1980,...

Richard Perry, M.D.

Dr. Perry is a Clinical Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine and an Assistant Attending Psychiatrist at NYU Medical...

Ami Klin, Ph.D.

Dr. Ami Klin is the Director of the Marcus Autism Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Chief of the Division of Autism and Developmental...


Asperger’s Syndrome

Your browser does not support the video tag. Jason, who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, talks about his struggle to overcome his problems with...

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