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Randy Buckner Ph.D.


Dr. Buckner is a Professor of Psychology, Principal Investigator of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, and a member of the Center for Brain Science. His research applies neuroimaging techniques to explore brain areas involved in human memory. He focuses on three questions. The first concerns the formation and retrieval of memories. The second asks how the human brain codes the remnants (the echo) of a memory while it is being remembered. Sounds and visual images can be remembered from the past, often quite vividly. But how the brain accomplishes this remains a mystery. The third question targets how activity within the brain changes when items are repeated. Dr. Buckner is also developing novel methods for functional neuroimaging studies. Dr. Buckner earned his doctorate from Washington University. He is on the editorial boards of ten leading journals, including Neuron and Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

Awards and Credentials

  1. Investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  2. Fellow of the American Psychological Association, 2004
  3. Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s Young Investigator Award, 2002
  4. The Wiley Young Investigator Award for Human Brain Mapping,1999

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Recommended Reading List

  • “Repetition Priming Influences Distinct Brain Systems: Evidence from Task-evoked Data and Resting-state Correlations.” Wig, G.S., et al. (in press) J Neurophysiol.
  • “Cortical Hubs Revealed by Intrinsic Functional Connectivity: Mapping, Assessment of Stability, and Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease.” Buckner, R.L., et al. (2009) J Neurosci; 29(6).
  • “Differential Effects of Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease on Medial Temporal Lobe Cortical Thickness and Surface Area.” Dickerson, B.C., et al. (2009). Neurobiol Aging; 30(3).

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