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The This Emotional Life Web site is a companion to the three-part PBS documentary series that explores ways of improving our social relationships, learning to cope with depression and anxiety, and becoming more positive, resilient individuals.

The site is designed to help people live happier, more meaningful lives by providing expert-vetted information, revealing personal narratives, and connections to related resources.

Information and resources

The information appearing in the Topics section of the site was developed in partnership with the Relationship Research Institute (RRI), a non-profit organization established by Dr. John Gottman, Emeritus Professor at the University of Washington.

Resource Finder
The organizations listed in our Resource Finder have been reviewed and approved by members of our advisory board. We encourage visitors to the site to submit additional organizations in their area for inclusion in the resource listings. All submissions will be reviewed by our advisors prior to being posted on the site.


We ask that site visitors who wish to comment on the blogs or those who wish to rate or submit organizations for inclusion in the Resource Finder, register by providing a zip code and email address. All personal information is strictly confidential.

This Emotional Life is a co-production of the NOVA/WGBH Science Unit and Vulcan Productions, Inc. A Film by Kunhardt McGee Productions. ©/™ 2009 WGBH Educational Foundation and Vulcan Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Funding for This Emotional Life is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and public television viewers.

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