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Psych Central, founded in 1995 by Dr. John Grohol, is the Internet's leading independent mental health network. The site is run by mental health professionals who write, edit, and oversee all the content published on it. It features daily mental health and psychology news and research briefs, the popular World of Psychology blog (as well as a dozen additional blogs by professionals), and dozens of interactive quizzes on mental health, personality, and relationship topics.

Psych Central's team of therapists have answered over 2,000 mental health questions in its Ask the Therapist feature, and ordinary people have answered another 10,000 questions in its Q&A section. The site has tens of thousands of additional mental health and psychology articles, including articles about symptoms, causes, assessment, and treatment options.

Psych Central also has over 150 self-help support groups for emotional health and neurological concerns. People use the support groups to gain a better understanding of their concerns, as well as share hope and support with one another. Psych Central was named one of the 50 Best Web Sites in 2008 by and is visited regularly by over 1 million people worldwide.

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